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Want to contact us? Having problems with our software? Do you need to talk to a sales person?  Can't complete a download? Have a story to tell? Want to send praise or a complaint? Have some other question to ask or do you want to give us feedback on one of our products? No problem - if you have something to say, we're here to listen and to respond as soon as possible.

Become a Tester.  If you want to become a tester for our products, please go to the Test Center page to sign up.
If accepted, we will send you an email with your user ID and password. This will give you access to the Test Center page on where you can download beta and released versions of our products.

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Send your comment or problem
to the director so he can have something to do that will keep him off the starship bridge!

If you have a first-person, true story, serious or funny, related to travel or languages, please submit it in 500 words or less.


Tech Support

For problems related to the web site, such as webpage design or broken links, send our all-powerful webmaster your thoughts.

If you're experiencing a problem purchasing, downloading, installing, or using our programs,
send an email to Tech Support.


Customer Service

Send an email to our Sales Department if you want to know about advertising, sales, enterprise or government subscriptions.

Need to ask customer service a question or is there something that doesn't fit any of our categories? Then send an email to Customer Service:

Test Program

If you have questions or comments about our
Test Program