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Global Relief

Our heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and those who are trying to survive and recovery their lives from any natural or human-made disaster.  We are all here together and helping one another is the finest expression of  human endeavor. Many travel sites have either relief funds or information on how you can help.

Here is our page with links to websites that have set up relief funds or have links to other relief organizations where you can make donations.  Some of the websites also report on the status of the recovery and whether a particular location is ready to receive tourists again.  

Smaller Projects To help Others.  We are interested in smaller projects worldwide that are helping people lead better lives.  As we find these projects, we will add them to our Smaller projects table at the bottom of this page.

Know Before You Give

Three excellent sources of information about charities and non-profit organizations are listed here. (A rule of thumb is to expect non-profits and charities to spend less that 25% of donations on fundraising and administrative costs.)

Check with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance to see if a charity or relief organization meets criteria for ensuring that the donations are used effectively and efficiently without excessive amounts going to fund raising and administrative costs.  

Charity Navigator also does a good job of evaluating charities and ensuring they meet reasonable financial standards.

Guidestar is another excellent source of information for non-profits. It requires free registration.

 Some Worldwide Relief organizations

Google World Relief Organizations   Excellent list of humanitarian and disaster relief organizations.
World Relief Organization  Helping the world deal with the many human crisis situations that we hear about every day.
Yahoo - Philanthropic Organizations - Relief  Another excellent page of relief organizations.
Smaller Projects To Help Others
The Kondwa Children's Foundation Lusaka, Zambia.  The Kondwa Children's Foundation brings some "happiness and hope to the lives of orphaned children and communities impoverished by the effects of HIV/AIDS in the slums of Lusaka, Zambia in Africa."
World Neighborhood Fund WNF was formed by a small group of volunteers who’ve traveled a lot and have seen first-hand some of the desperation that people live (and die) in. They decided to try to do something about it. Please help them out.
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