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Language Schools
This section covers language schools in the United States and throughout the world. Here in the United States, there are basically three options to learn a language in a school setting: commercial schools, continuing education courses offered by colleges and private tutoring.  Americans also can travel to another country to learn a language at a school in the country where they speak the language.

If you can't find a school or tutor, try our Language resources page where we list web-based language courses and products.  If you are just a tourist or traveler and want to learn a few phrases, see our World Links Language section.  If you are not sure of the language(s) spoken in the country or city you are visiting, select the country or city in our World Links Places or Cities section.  We show the languages spoken on those pages.


Finding language Lessons on the Web

Commercial schools To search for a local commercial language school enter:

Language schools <city or place>
Example:  Language schools Atlanta GA
Continuing Education courses To search for a continuing education foreign language course, enter:

Continuing education <language name> <city or place>
Example:  Continuing education French Denver CO
Private tutoring To search for a private language tutor, enter:

private <language name> lessons <city or place>  or
private tutor  <language name> lessons <city or place in your local area>
Example:  private Chinese language lessons Miami FL
              private tutor Arabic lessons Washington DC
Berlitz.  They offer semi-private language immersion instruction in many countries including popular beach resorts.
GoAbroad.com   This is a comprehensive on-line source of information on studying abroad, finding a language school, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teaching abroad, and finding jobs in other countries.  It also  has comprehensive sections on Eco-Travel and other subjects.  It is the winner of the best study and work abroad internet site. It is also easy to navigate.  Go directly to the Language Schools section.
Europa Pages  The best way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in the country where it is spoken. This web site is maintained by Europa Pages, publishers of European language guides. They provide information on hundreds of language courses around Europe and on the various language exams for which you can study. English, French, Spanish and German are the primary languages covered.

This site also includes a free international pen-pal service, for both schools and individuals, a job-seekers' free ads page, information on the latest language events, an au-pair section, useful links, and much more!

EduFind.com.  An excellent site to find a language school in the world. You select a country and then the type of educational institute or language school. If you know a language school name, you can enter that as well.
Language-Learning.Net.  An excellent site to find a language school in the world.  Find a language course that's right for you by searching the largest on-line database of language schools worldwide!  They have more than 6,000 schools listed in 80 countries and 70 languages.  You can also search for facilities in languages other than English. They also have a section where you can find language books and teaching material.
LanguageSchoolsGuide.  An excellent, comprehensive website to find language schools worldwide.
NRCSA Web Site.  The National Registration Center for Study Aboard (NRCSA) recommends language institutions in 38 countries and offers help with registration and travel insurance.  They list about 120 language schools which pay a fee to be listed after they have passed an on-site evaluation and if they have been in business at least five years.  They have an easy selection list by country and language on their home page.
SW-Schools.  They have a large network of language schools throughout the world.
Transitions-Abroad - Language Schools.  An excellent, well-known website for studying abroad. This is their Language study abroad section where you can find language courses in cities around the world.
World Link Education.  World Link Education (WLE) is an international organization that offers quality language immersion programs around the world. WLE is dedicated to promoting international education and cross-cultural understanding. It offers a range of comprehensive, and affordable programs.
Worldwide Classroom.  The Worldwide Classroom is a member-funded group of educational institutions that lists 10,000 schools in 95 countries.  Many of the schools offer short-term language immersion courses.
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