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Look at the left column.  The Select City Window defaults to a list of  65 popular cities in the world. Most are popular cities while some are representative of a region or are well-known from the news.   Click List All  just below the scroll window to change to a list of all the major cities of the world. Click List 65   to return to the list of 65 cities. Select the city you are interested in and click the Go button. If you want to find a place (country) or language, click on that category to go to its main page.  Click here to go to the City Search page with 8 quick links to city super sites along with the same A-Z Selection bar that appears below. 

You can also select a city by clicking on the first letter of the city name.

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Ah Wilderness!

Over five billion and counting!

Shows present day and night on Earth from space.
Shows present spacecraft in orbit.

Displays a world map of Webcam locations.
Lists times around the world.
World weather website.
Currency converter website.
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If we don't list the city, try
our Travel Guides and Travel Agency sections.
City Toolbar.  Cities listed in the scroll window with an asterisk *  after them have a City Toolbar. Click here to learn about the City Toolbar.
City Notes:  Cities include all the capitals of countries and the chief town of other places in the world. The fact that we list a city does not mean we are making a political statement.  We just want to help people learn about languages and to get travel information.

The common American English name for a city is used. If a city has changed its name in the last 20-30 years,  you can search by the former name.  Also, some capitals consist of a combined name or are commonly known by two different names. You can search by either name. Some countries have two capitals - an administrative one and a legislative one. Again, you can search by either name.  If you have ideas for additional links, please send an email to the Webmaster using our Feedback form. 

Be happy in your work!

We love and respect all the people and languages of the world.  Any errors are unintentional and will be corrected as soon as we find out about them. We are all on this spaceship together!